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About wireless-keyboard

wireless-keyboard, part of the Searchub Comparison Search Network, a pioneer in online comparison shopping and one of the leading shopping destinations for thousands of brands and trusted online stores. With a commitment to delivering consumers a superior shopping experience, wireless-keyboard offers users easy-to-use search tools, engaging content and time saving navigation, along with millions of user-generated product and merchant reviews from’s user community.

In today's cluttered online world, smart consumers demand simple and easy comparison features that take the stress out of online shopping, help inform the right purchasing decision and lead them straight to the products they're seeking, while saving time and money.


wireless-keyboard's mission is to help consumers make confident purchasing decisions when they don’t know exactly what to buy.

Helping change the way consumers shop and merchants sell online

For consumers, is a one-stop shop for wireless keyboards. The experience enhanced with various social shopping features to match online shopping behaviors, including shopping profile pages with price alerts and list sharing capabilities.

For retailers, serves as a highly efficient marketing channel by reaching approximately 100M consumers monthly via a single campaign. ’s focus on delivering consumers a superior shopping experience translates into an effective marketing channel for retailers. The comprehensive and structured presentation of trustworthy data on the site facilitates quick consumer purchase decisions. As a result, browsers become buyers.

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